If you love daffodils, beautiful countryside, and a lovely day out, then come along for a guided daffodil walk near the village of Whitegate, in the heart of the Vale Royal, Cheshire.

Guided by Len Tomlinson, you’ll find out about daffodil growing, propogating, competitions, local history of the area and farming, and see many varieties of daffodils that have been cultivated for over a century.

Daffodil walks are made during the height of the growing season – March and April, but every year is different as are the varieties that you’ll see!

January Update

I was in the U.K., last week and looking at the daffodils I would say that they may begin flowering a little earlier than normal, but seem to be in very good condition owing to the rainfall this backend, there will be lots of flowers to see all through the walks.

The walks this year will begin on the 30th of March running through to the 10th of April.

Contact Gail Jackson for guided bookings taking place each morning, also self guided walks where you can pick up a map and follow the well signed trail from 10.30 to 3-o-clock each day.
Guided tour including refreshments is 5 pounds, self walks donation 2 pounds and refreshments can be purchased at the walks centre. All proceeds will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Care to help to continue their excellent work.

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Christmas Update

The first daffodils – Early Sensation – are out two weeks early at Whitegate, but most of the other daffodils are just starting to peep through and with the amount of rain that we’ve had, they look to be in very good condition, and so the flowers should have far more substance than when the weather has been dry.

Hopefully the season will be a little longer than normal!

We’re still on target for the last week in March and the first week in April, please see the booking section for details!

The weather at the moment is very mild, but we’ll obviously get a cold snap that’ll slow things down again.

Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, and look forward to seeing many of you again in the Spring! I’m now on my way back to Ireland to stop some Guinness from going bad.

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Walks for 2016

Our 2015 walks were again a great success, thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the walks – the contributions brought almost £7000 of fund for Macmillan, despite the weather not always being on our side!

We’ve planted a couple of thousand more bulbs in the woods this year so there’ll be more to see with a bit of luck! We’ve mucked out the fairies (it needs doing every couple of years) and I’ve been on a course for political correctness. They tell me I’m the first person ever to have failed the course, which will be of no surprise to anyone who’s listened carefully during any of the talks or walks!

For those who are organising their diaries in advance, we’re currently looking at dates of Friday 1st April through to and including Sunday 10th. We’ll update on this as the weather progresses!

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Getting ready for the walks

The recent cold snap means that despite the daffodils being on track in February, they’re not quite making that last push to be in full bloom at the very start of the walks, so for the first few days it looks like we won’t have them all in show right away.

There are plenty to see but not in the huge quantities just yet!

Lets hope a bit more of the current warm weather will bring them on – all it takes is a bit of an increase in the soil temperature and they’ll be out quickly!

New for this year is that we’ve got a marquee up so you’ll be able to enjoy your tea, coffee and cakes in nice shelter whatever the weather, and enjoy the view.

We haven’t spotted the fairies just yet but we’re sure they’ll be around the magic oak again this year, putting in an appearance especially for good children!

Also if you’re on Facebook you can follow us there and send us your comments and pictures that way too!

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