Now Is The Time To Plant Your Bulbs

Now is the time to plant your bulbs!  Here’s some advice!

Select only solid bulbs. If they are soft, do not buy them. Remember, cheap bulbs are usually rejects, so do not be tempted!

Last year, many bulbs planted in tubs and pots were lost to the unusually sever frost. I suggest that bulbs be planted in small pots (approx 5″ diameter) and plunged into the ground. Add a covering of peat, and when the heavy frosts have ended, lift and plant into your tubs/pots for flowering.

Bulbs planted in the garden; a general rule is to plant three times the depth of the bulb.

You may add a little dry fertiliser, high potash. Blood, fish & bone is ideal.

In the garden, plant in clumps – threes, fives – rather than singly (or worse, all in a straight line).

This year, I have been planting a lot of new daffodils. I have planted about 4000 new bulbs, both in the woods and in the nursery beds. Lots of different varieties, so hopefully we will have lots of flowers for our visitors to see.

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