Update on daffodils

So far this winter we’ve had lots of very heavy rain, which is excellent for daffodils.

The daffodils are all in very good condition, and should have plenty of substance. The extra water means the bulbs have that much more vigour and stamina, which means a longer growing season.

We can look forward to a marvelous show of daffodils this year – bang on time!

You may have noticed growth already of some early varieties – here or there we’re seeing some in flower already – varieties such as Early Sensation may be in flower now, particular if they’re in a sheltered position, and able to take advantage of the mild weather we’ve had so far!  We’re bound to get a cold snap soon which will slow down the growth, but not harm the daffodils.

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4 Responses to Update on daffodils

  1. Lyn Morris says:

    I am just checking, are the published dates still applicable, just thought the dafs were out earlier this year?

  2. DOREEN KING says:

    I have a very nice show of daffodils in full bloom in the garden at present (march 15). Planted October & November 2011
    Looking forward to my first visit to your daffodil fields shortly.
    Doreen (Winsford)

  3. Carol says:

    Booked in 23rd March with Trefoil Guild. How do I find you coming from Frodsham direction?

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