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Time to start thinking about planting!

It’s the right time of year to get moving and think about planting up. Make sure bulbs are firm especially the necks and base of the bulbs, plant about twice the depth of the bulb . The ideal position is … Continue reading

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Daffodils in full bloom!

A quick update! After our burst of spring sunshine we have lots of lovely flowers out and looking fantastic! We’ll be open all next week up to and including Easter Monday we will be open lots of daffodils and narcissi … Continue reading

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February Update on Daffodils

Well we had the cold snap as expected, and the daffodils are progressing well and on time for a perfect show this year. Hope you’ll join us and enjoy spring at its finest!

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Update on daffodils

So far this winter we’ve had lots of very heavy rain, which is excellent for daffodils. The daffodils are all in very good condition, and should have plenty of substance. The extra water means the bulbs have that much more … Continue reading

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Daffodil Talks around and about in 2012

  We’ve got a few talks for 2012 organised so far, as I go out and about with the pictures, films and the like, talking about daffodil growing and the farm over the past 100 years. Looking forward to these … Continue reading

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Daffodil Walk Dates For 2012

The guided daffodil walks for 2012 will be available from Monday 26th March to Sunday 8th April inclusive! These need to be booked in advance (see the bookings page for details) and places may be limited on busiest days. I … Continue reading

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December Weather Update

We’re looking out at the moment onto a good blanket of about four inches of snow covering lots of healthy growing shoots. This is beneficial for the healthy life cycle of daffodils, as a period of cold helps to keep … Continue reading

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Now Is The Time To Plant Your Bulbs

Now is the time to plant your bulbs!  Here’s some advice! Select only solid bulbs. If they are soft, do not buy them. Remember, cheap bulbs are usually rejects, so do not be tempted! Last year, many bulbs planted in … Continue reading

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Spring 2011 Fundraising

Thankyou everyone who came on the walks and listened to the talks and enjoyed the daffodils! This year we raised £5100 for Macmillan Cancer Care! Particular thanks to Cheshire Chambers – who supplied the toilet facilities Marc Byram Photography who … Continue reading

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Daffodil fields update

I have just assessed the fields and woods. Despite the hot weather last week, which has bought out the earlier varieties, there will still be lots of super flowers for the next three weeks. The Clover field (as featured on Gardners World) will be sure to have the ‘WOW’ factor.

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