Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we are asked most often!

Q. How long does a guided tour take?

A. Approximately one and a half hours, depending usually on weather, the size of the group, and how many questions people ask.

Q. How much is it?General admittance/ Self Guided Walks -* Adults £2.50, Children £1.00

* For those who enjoy baking, if you’d like to bring a cake along then in exchange your entrance is free (We do this as to ensure a fine supply of home baked cakes plus an outlet for you keen bakers!)

Q. Are dogs allowed?

A. We prefer not, as we have to appreciate that not everybody is a dog lover! If you are unable to leave your dog at home or in the car than as long as they are well behaved, quiet, and on a short lead (so as not to trample any flowers), then they will be permitted. Please ensure any mess is picked up (a bin is located at the log cabin.)

Q. Is it suitable for prams, wheelchairs, or the infirm?

A. Due to a gentle incline with steps, the full tour is not suitable. However there is close access to one of the main fields from the log cabin start+finish point, and you are welcome to go in there and enjoy the refreshment marquee whilst you do.

Q. Is the daffodil farm open at the same time each year?

A. We tend to generally open around the last week of March and first week of April. We assess the conditions at the beginning of January and depending on how the winter climate has been, set the dates then. Naturally though, mother nature dictates her own plans and despite  our experience and plans, the flowers are never guaranteed, however there will always be something to see and the nature to enjoy and we will endeavour to set the dates when there are maximum amounts of blooms.

Q. Is there parking?

A. Yes, although car sharing is advisable?

Q. Can a coach come down the road?

A. It is a narrow single track lane with a tight bend, the maximum length would be 35 feet.

Q. Will it be muddy? What shoes should I wear?

A. We advise wellies and walking boots if it has been raining, the paths can get a little muddy. If we’ve been lucky enough to have a few continuous days of sunshine, sturdy shoes or trainers should be fine.

Q. Does Len do any talks or presentations?

A. Yes he does, generally during winter months, which gives a nice reminder of what spring will look like! Call Gail (Len’s daughter) on 01606 889380 to arrange.

Q. Are there toilet facilities?

A. Yes there are ladies and gents toilets available. Unfortunately, due to steps these are not suitable for the disabled.

Q. Is it suitable for children?

A .Well behaved Children are welcome, they will love the Fairy trail, Fairy village and trees, flowers and freedom in the fields. We politely request though that they are under control at all times as with all farms there are dangerous and no-go areas.

Q. Do you supply any special dietary requirements?

A. We try to offer gluten free wherever possible, but depending on our cake bakers availability this isn’t guaranteed. We have a decaffeinated drink selection. We cannot guarantee a nut free environment.

Q. Do the walks continue in all weathers?

A. Yes, please come prepared! We have a marquee for post-walk shelter and refreshments.Q

Q. Do I have to book?

– For Self Guided Walks, not if there’s only a few people, however if you are a large group, prior notice would be appreciated to aid with planning!

Q. Can we take photographs / videos?

A. Yes, and if you have any good shots please email to us at where if you allow, we may include in our media.

Professional photographers wishing to use the location for a shoot, please contact to arrange!

Q. Will there be Daffodils to purchase?

We try and cut some flowers that morning so that you can take home some fresh blooms and enjoy your Daffodil memories for a while longer. Obviously this is dependent on stocks and manpower to cut them!

Q. Can I volunteer to help?

The event is organised and run by the Vale Royal fundraising group for Macmillan Cancer Support, we are a small group who do what we can for the charity. We would welcome anyone who would like to help volunteer as many hands make light work for this or any of our other events.

For all other enquiries please contact by phone 01606 889380 or email and we’ll do our best to answer!

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