We hope you had a lovely day out with us and enjoyed your tour and talk in the daffodils!
Please let us know your comments here!

If you have any enquiries about bookings etc, please contact us via email as we don’t always check this page right away!

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  1. What a fabulous place. Came here on Mothers day with family and had a great hour or so wandering around the fields. Daffs are stunnign and welcome is friendly and warm. Cant beat it for a quick walk out and you get to take stunnign pics too if the weather is good. Would recommend it. Video to follow

  2. Craig says:

    Daffodil video can be found at this link. I hope you enjoy it. It shows what a beautiful place this is at this time of year. Take a look for yourselves.

  3. Norma Masters says:

    One of the best morning walks I’ve ever been on. Blue skies bird song and the sun on fields full of daffodils were a wonderful sight to see. I never knew that so many different varieties of daffodils existed. Len’s knowledge on the daffodils was quite amazing, a true expert. The talk was really informative and delivered in a very entertaining way. The tea/coffee and cakes finished the walk off perfectly. I will be back with my friends and family next year. Highly recommended!

  4. Tina Robinson says:

    Hi Len,
    Thought I would look to see what my cousin does in his spare time. Great website! Love to all!
    Tina in Canada

    • Gail says:

      Hi Tina, great that youve found the site and glad you like it!!! Im sorry not got around to replying to your emails it s been crazy hectic in my life for a few weeks but when I get a min I will explain in my message! Love to all, Gail x

  5. Charles Welch says:

    A jewel of a place to visit. Well laid out and very friendly owners.
    Looking forward to revisiting.
    As promised, fruit cake has been baked and I will bring it with me next week.


  6. Sue Lee says:

    What a fantastic experience. The daffodils were spectacular, the farm amazing and Len imparts his knowledge with a wicked sense of humour. Thank you all so much for a lovely morning. We look forward to supporting such a worthy cause again next year. Well done and thank you again.

  7. john unwin says:

    Hi All…Had a great few hrs out last year at your farm….looking forward to the visit this year 2013……..
    john & Ann Unwin.

  8. Maria says:

    can we have some posts on the history of the place? it might be quite interesting, and I would love to know…

  9. Jan Nicholls says:

    I loved the morning I spent amongst the daffodils. However, one of our company became besotted with the fairies!!! Could you tell me where they came from?

    See you next year to enjoy all your hard work.

    Best wishes Jan.

  10. Diane Smith says:

    Hello Len,
    Have just found your website. Do you have any dates for visitors coming up?
    Keele, Staffs.

  11. JohnMather says:

    Hello I visited yesterday and took some photos ,one is currently on Daily Mail website ,scroll down page here

  12. Bramhall Bill says:

    The Daffodil walk with Len was really great. I managed to keep it secret from my wife till we hit the top of the lane!!There really is something special about a host of all kinds of enchanting daffodils. Brilliant treat! Thanks again!

  13. Suzanne Cash says:

    I’m fortunate to live close enough to walk the daffodil fields most years. I never tire of seeing the glorious displays with all the different varieties. I’m looking forward very much to seeing them again this year, I’m sure the fields will be as spectacular as ever.

  14. Shirley says:

    Went on the walk today and although the daffodils were a little shy due to the weather we had a great time and the cake and coffee at the end was a tasty treat.

    Will come back next year year keep up the good work.

  15. Paula says:

    Hello. Sorry not to be joining you this year. We look forward to 2021 and hearing again some of Lens great old jokes. Best wishes on his recovery.

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