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Countryman’s Forecast

Some varieties are already showing shoots, they will slow down when the frost arrives. The countryman’s forecast for this winter, as there are very few berries nuts and acorns this year this would suggest that the winter will be quite … Continue reading

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February Update on Daffodils

Well we had the cold snap as expected, and the daffodils are progressing well and on time for a perfect show this year. Hope you’ll join us and enjoy spring at its finest!

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Update on daffodils

So far this winter we’ve had lots of very heavy rain, which is excellent for daffodils. The daffodils are all in very good condition, and should have plenty of substance. The extra water means the bulbs have that much more … Continue reading

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December Weather Update

We’re looking out at the moment onto a good blanket of about four inches of snow covering lots of healthy growing shoots. This is beneficial for the healthy life cycle of daffodils, as a period of cold helps to keep … Continue reading

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A Countryman’s Long Range Forecast and Logic

This year the trees are full to bursting with fruits and berries. More acorns, beech mast, rowan, elder and hawthorn than I have sen for at least 40 years. This could mean that after the two previous severe winters, the … Continue reading

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Cold Winter

Well, we thought last year was cold. The December just finished was one of the coldest for a long time. It’s good for nature to get a clear winter, to reset the seasons properly and kill off a lot of … Continue reading

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Preparations for walks

A fairly wet winter, but we’ve made a number of improvements to the walkway – especially the steps up from the pingot where it used to be a bit slippy when it rained.

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